Breeds of Cattle


Feb.17 2017.

Wow !! Cattle, Cow, Beef, but please don't hesitate.

From left to right, upper to bottom line, I will explain. 

① No Name, Origin: Kyobashi,Tokyo, Edo Gland Bldg.Ground Floor. No show as of yet (Feb.17 2017), unknown it's life ecology & taste.

② Holstein, Origin: Germany. Popular as Dairy Cattle, but an ox is raising as beef cattle.

③ Hereford, Origin: North West region of England, it represents Beef Cattle. This breed is suitable for raising fully in a pasture.

④ Aberdeen Angus, Origin: Scotland. We could apply this beef to a grilled steak for the first time instead of a stewed beef. It tastes good.

⑤ Charolais, Origin: Middle of France. This beef made an evolution in French Cooking Style instead cooking with a pork mainly. It tastes good.

⑥ Belted Galloway, Origin: UK. It's popular beef cattle in Lake Land. Its uniqueness is a white belt on a body.

⑦ Shorthorn, Origin: England, Its ratio of fabricated meats is very good and it has a uniquness on its lean meat.

⑧ Texas Longhorns, Origin: Mexico, U.S. brought huge number of cattle in Texas. It's popular as " Rawhide"  in TV drama and rodeo events. It tastes all about same as wild cattle.

⑨ Belgian Blue, Origin: Belgium, It's unique a bit, because this cuttle has a big, well-muscled body by a mutation. This one is Macho as No.1 in the cattle world but its meat is soft instead of its appearance. 

It's popular at Origin.


There are many breeds of beef cattle and NZ cattle are 35% of Angus, 14% of Holstein, 12% of Hereford, Cross Breeds of 10% and etc.

Grill-Teru Restaurant will use mainly Angus.

The cattle which is most biggest one in the world is a cross breed with Hereford and Angus made in Indiana state of America. Wight: 214 kg, Hight: 195 cm, Length: 5 m. 

Current U.S. cattle are mainly Hereford, Angus and Cross Breeds. U.S. Origin is Buffalo, however, its meat is too much tough and its temper is wild, so not be raised.

As far as I remember, Aurochs (Bos Primigenius) had been an ancestor as Cattle Origin which became extinct in AC 17th and of which origin was the Central Asia. It used as the Farming Dynamics in the Mesopotamian civilization at about BC 6000, and to have been a livestock. During the Age of Exploration in AC16th and AC17th, it was brought to Britain and breeded. In this age, there was nothing in the New Continent.